KANZEN Ball bearings set for TEAM ASSOCIATED RC10 B74.2 BUGGY 4WD 1/10 WC

Team Associated RC10 B74.2 Kanzen ball bearings kit 26pcs ISO P5

Strong points : 

 2RS Seals :   Waterproof, Mudproof.

 ZZ shields :  Perfect for high speed track with no dust.

No maintenance needed.


Recommanded for: 

RC for Buggy 1/10 Team Associated RC10 B74.2 only.


Kit contains 26pcs  :

4x7x2.5mm       x4pcs    Steering

5x8x2.5mm       x4pcs    Steering

5x10x4mm        x2pcs    Front wheels.

5x10x4mm        x4pcs   Differentials boxes F/R ( flanged)

5x12x4mm        x4pcs    F/R hubs.

10x15x4mm      x8pcs    Differentials / rear hubs. 



 Tech infos:


Lubricant: Top performances grease with minimal drag.

Weight : 35 grams.

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